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The Couch Pilots have been hosting a public game of Wings of Glory (previously Wings of War) in Portland, Oregon every Sunday since 2007 and don't intend to stop anytime soon!


Bring your favorite kites, or you can borrow our squadron nag....

Games are open to the public of all ages - beginners welcome, loaner planes available.


To be kept informed of campaign plans for the week, schedule/venue changes (due to Enfilade, say), or other events: sign up for the mailing list at the game, or right here right now!

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Katie O'Briens

Lucky Labrador

Rainy Day Games

Guardian Games

2809 NE Sandy Blvd.

Old-fashioned neighborhood bar and grill with decent street parking, friendly waitstaff, and a high tolerance for us. Full menu available all day. Full bar, and we usually get to play on the pool table.


Play starts around noon, show up about 11 if you want to get a nice breakfast first.

915 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Local brewpub with a small but delicious food menu, plenty of beer (and housemade soda pop) options, and their own board game collection. Bright and roomy. Small parking lot in the back. Opens at noon on Sundays, so gameplay starts around 1pm.


18105 SW Tualatin Valley Hwy, Aloha

Game and hobby store with a wide selection and a large dedicated gaming area. Plenty of parking.


Evening games here the third Monday of every month, starting at 6pm. You'll still make it to work on Tuesday, we're done at 9pm.

345 S.E. Taylor

Centrally located tabletop gaming emporium with plenty of tables and, usually, plenty of games going. Try to buy stuff so they'll like us! Pizza and beer/wine in the Critical Sip room. Off-street parking, but it does fill up. They've posted a handy guide to other options (which vary by date/time) here: Parking at Guardian Games!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    about the Portland Couch Pilots

    What Is Wings of Glory?

    Wings of Glory™ (Ares Games™) is the current incarnation of the groundbreaking Italian air combat game originally known as Wings of War™. Deceptively easy to learn and simple to modify, it combines card-based gameplay with tabletop wargaming and a wide variety of stunningly detailed miniatures.


    The rules and some sample scenarios are available as a free download from Ares Games. Anything else you could want to know, including sources for out-of-print or unofficial/compatible miniatures and accessories, can likely be found at the Wings of Glory Aerodrome.


    "House rules" used by the Couch Pilots now available online.

    Click here to view!


    NOTE: BattleTree Designs™ is in no way connected with or authorized by Wings of Glory™, its creators, or Ares Games™. We are just fans.

    When you say "open to the public..."

    We absolutely mean it.  We run a friendly game, and always have plenty of extra aircraft to go around. We know, a lot of groups say that but then when you get there it's like you're a gatecrasher. We hate that too. Drop-ins are always welcome - arrive or flee at any time during play. If you're bringing the kids, check the venue details to make sure you think it's a good fit for their age/temperament.


    Where are you playing [some other date]?

    Sunday games float based primarily on the needs of the venue. These can't always be predicted very far in advance. Subscribe to the mailing list and you'll know as soon as anybody else.

    No, this way better question!

    Send your way better question via the BattleTree Designs contact page, or send an email to couchpilots[at]


Sunday, October 8

Lucky Labrador



    Our beloved (to his face) Master of Ceremonies is having technical difficulties and is unable to construct a stirring yarn for you today. Rest assured, it will be an epic sea battle and it will be at the Lucky Lab Hawthorne.



    Lucky Labrador, Hawthorne

    915 SE Hawthorne Blvd

    11am brunch, game at 12pm aprox. Done by 4-5pm.

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