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  • Come as you are - Oct. 26

    Date: November 1918…


    A special "Come as you Are" event.


    The Great War is over... but negotiations, socialism, rioting and general emotionalism has

    brought all powers to a chaotic state. The consequence is that several splinter groups have

    begun to fight anew! Gathering what resources they can, these new warriors have their pick

    of stocks abandoned after dissolution.


    The old order has collapsed under the strain, new orders vie with each-other to gain top

    ascendance. Veterans join their comrades or take up the mercenary path or... simply

    try to fight their way home again.


    Available Aeroplanes: Free choice. If you want to fly it, do so!


    Bring your favorite kites, or you can borrow our squadron nag...

  • 9th Battle of Fort Marmorus - Oct. 19

    Date: October 1918…  Carpathian Front


    "9th Battle of Fort Marmorus" a continuing scenario.


    Thundering echoes of heavy guns, lightening flash against the mountains. What remains of deep forest whisper in the night, like moaning wraiths of soldiers crushed and killed and

    crushed again. In these vallies. For this fortress. Marmorus the guardian! Marmorus, the tomb!


    Now a veritable pile of pulverized stone and twisted girders, Marmorus squats, rumbling above this damned pass. Lost to Serbia in '14, re-taken in '15. Lost again in '16, this time to Alpini... a year of exchanging ground in massive waste. Marmorus taken and fallen, only to be destroyed each time... the Four Hells of 1916. Russian replaced Italian, Austrians become Germans. This place, why this place? The road to Hungary passes Marmorus.


    But there are other roads.


    New hells arise in 1917. Rumors of... other. Yet the War will not part with Marmorus, will not quit gnawing the murdered landscape. The dead are buried, arise, and are buried again in fire and stone and ice. Marmorus the hold-out!


    Now, as defeat looms for all... Major Lugosi, Hungarian Kaiserjager, and Captain Karloff, Imperial Fortress Engineers, come to Marmarosch. To keep it fast, to hold it for a dead

    Kaiser. They have new allies, better machines! So do the the enemy. Serb? Roumanian? French, British, Russian? Who cares? Marmorus must stand, and live... and feed!


    Available Aeroplanes: Free choice...

    Allied Forces: Fighters and Bombers

    Austro-German Forces: Fighters and Artillery


    Bring your favorite kites, or you can borrow our squadron nag...

  • Lithuanian Front: Pick a Faction - Oct. 12

    Dateline: June 1920…     Lithuanian Front- “Pick a Faction”


    Forward International Proletariat! To Victory!


    Bolshevik: Volunteers of the glorious Red Army are marching to free their brothers in the new Baltic States! While the struggle against White Counter-Revolution still rages in Russia, these heroic soldiers form a revolutionary avant-garde into the heart of Europe!


    Freikorp: Treaties be damned! Bolshevism invades what was our homeland, the head of this world-serpent must be cut off! Our nation needs time to recover, but we must defend her borders from all foreigners until Germany can be restored to her rightful position.


    Polish Volunteer: If not here, where? Warsaw?


    Allied Intervention: Damn the Bolos for upsetting the new status quo! We cannot allow the cancer of Bolshevism to sweep our nations too! And, we cannot allow Germans to openly break the accords of our hard-won treaty. We must go in!


    Available Aeroplanes: Free choice...   Intervention Exp:  Allied machines

                                                                Polish Vol. Exp.:   Any derivation

                                                                Freikorp:               German machines

                                                                Bolos:                  Any derivation

  • Western Front: A Busy Day - Oct. 5

    Dateline: September 1918... Western Front “a Busy Day”


    The front can be an active place in these chaotic times. Bombardments are ranging from both

    sides. Fighters, en mass or singly, are stalking the clouds. Meanwhile, the observer corps is

    relentless in their search for targets. Boots and scarves lads... we join the dance!


    Available Aeroplanes: Free choice this time.

  • Western Front: A Storm In Flanders - Sept. 21

    Dateline: September 1917... Western Front “a Storm in Flanders”


    The closer we come to the frontlines, the worse the weather becomes! Over the lines clouds are boiling unbroken down to 500m. Intense activity prevails. Great numbers of German and Allied flyers swirl about on all sides. In between them are flashing bursts from shells and shrapnel of both sides' rage…


    Storming rain soaks the ground, filling the craters and desolate trenches. It lashes the pilot sharply the face and obscures his vision, making aiming all but impossible. In frantic haste some turn tightly around others, eagerly taking great pains to get the opponent in his field of fire. Others rear up, tumble over or lightning quick go into a spin; still others succeed by going inverted or attempt to get away from the opponent in grotesque, desperate turns.


    Tempests rage, and the flash of roiling combat tears the tumbling clouds. Over fields of stygian coal and boiling maddened pyre-smoke our hawks and eagles claw, carving ever higher beyond heaven's golden monuments. And somewhere through this wild tumult a hunter stalks, one deft in the art of tracking, sudden in the moment of striking. He is feared and respected by all who live to witness.


    Come... dance the shrieking wire-song!


    Available Aeroplanes: Just fighters this time, except no D.VIIs, Siemens or Snipes.

  • Flanders: Huntin' the Hun - Sept. 21

    Dateline: April 1918… Flanders  “Huntin’ the Hun”


    Through our network of behind the scenes heros, GHQ has gleaned that German offensives WILL continue. This situation must be upset before the Ami's give us up as a bad show!


    Our own source, Lt. "F", has pinpointed the location of a secret staff meeting in the town of Niederhosenofen. This meeting promises to have most of our opposite numbers attending, as well as the very highest level of command. Yes, the BIG 2, right in the midst of Niederhosenofen, where we are in range to give them a good smack!


    If these two can be removed from German High Command, the entire front could collapse!


    Available Aeroplanes: Free choice except no Snipe or Siemens this time.

After-Action Reports

  • 9th Battle of Fort Marmorus - Oct. 19

    Austro-German: 6 double gun units of 15cm howitsers were positioned to weaken Anglo-French assaults. They contued firing throughout this aerial bombardment. Our aerial defence rushed into battle in the teeth of our own anti-air firing, showing great courage and determination. Despite their efforts, Allied attacks wrought further damage to the fortress and eventually destroyed our heavy guns. 1 Caproni was confirmed downed and perhaps 2 other machines driven off damaged.


    Allied Bombardment Unit: The raid in support of our Constitutional Russian bretheren came off as planned except for one critical misshap. The thought to be moribund fortress showed stiff resistance to our overflight, as well as deploying surprise ground fire from ruined villages in the pass. Three of our machine were dedicated to suppressing these guns, but everyone felt their heat while crossing the pass.


    While suffering this ground fire, we were met by several Enemy Aeroplanes intent on our destruction. Our back-seat lads had their hands full keeping them at bay. We did for at least 6 of their number in a running battle out onto the occupied plane, where we found the Austrian big guns pummelling away at the Russian infantry in our valley. Things soon grew hot for these poor gunners as D.H.4s and Breguets flew in low, shooting and bombing them in classic style. An expolsion was noted off in the mountainsides, and soon thereafter we noticed our Caproni was missing from our troop. It is not specificaly known what happenned to this machine, as evening and weather soon decended on us, forcing an end. Footnote... the Russian assault succeeded despite a grim working over by the Austrian artillery.


    Available Aeroplanes: Free choice...

    Allies: 1 Caproni Ca.III, 1 Bristol F.2b, 2 D.H.-4, 1 Sopwith Camel,  reinforcements 2 Breguet B.14


    Austro-Germans: 1 Aviatik, 2 Albatros D.V, 3 Albatros D.III, 4 fortress anti-air, 3 fortress machineguns, 2 field anti-air  (the pass and fortress of Marmorus is at 4,1200 ft. (3 pegs) altitude, thus effectively firing through 9 pegs height.)


    Lucky Labrador Brewing Co. 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR 97214

    Sunday, October 19th... 7 players, 13 planes, 5 hrs. duration

  • Lithuanian Front: Pick a Faction - Oct. 12

    Dateline: June 1920…  Lithuanian Front


    International Proletariat Victory!


    Bolshevik: Volunteers of the glorious Red Army struck a blow for world socialism in the Baltic States! 5 daring heroes plunged into the whirling combat with deadly results. Pressing too hard, 3 machines were lost to Polish and German attack. However, as darkness fell, ultimate control of the air was taken by the two damaged but successful survivors.


    Freikorps: These sons of East Prussia upheld the finest traditions of the German Air arm. First attacking the British machines, then engaging the Bolos and tearing into the Poles with great vigor. One machine was lost, leaving the rest too damaged and out of bullets to stand. They almost defeated the Bolshevik menace


    Polish Volunteer: These intrepid pilots showed their mettle by attacking all combatants who flew in range. Sadly their task proved too much as first one, then another machine fell to fire; the last remaining hero flew wounded from the battle.


    Allied Interventionist Force: Determining the resurgent German Freikorps to be the greatest threat, British aircraft attacked these German machines. Many blows were exchanged, with the British fliers suffering disproportionately. Ultimately, the snipe pilot was shot down leaving the S.E. pilot damaged and low on fuel.


    Available Aeroplanes: Free choice...

    Intervention Exp Force: 1 Snipe, 1 S.E.5a

    Polish Volunteer Sqd.: 1 Albatros D.III, 1 Nieuport 17, 1 Nieuport 11

    Freikorps Ostlandser: 1 Junkers D.I, 1 Aviatik D.I, 2 Albatros D.V

    Bolshevik Freedom Bgd.: 1 Snipe, 2 S.E.5, 1 Albatros D.V, 1 SPAD XIII

    (in clandestine negotiations, the British agreed not to attack the Red fliers until Poles and Germans had been neutralized)


    Lucky Labrador Brewing Co.

    Sunday, October 12th... 7 players, 14 planes, 4.25 hrs. duration


  • Western Front: A Busy Day - Oct. 5

    Dateline: September 1918…  Western Front


    The match turned into a free-fight among the clouds. The field separated into two combats, one group of Ami’s  and one British pair holding their own corners. While the fights revolved around these two matches, there were points of cross-over. A single SE had to contend with 4 Germans at one point, something he managed excellently (two Germans fell to him).


    The Americans fared less well, losing 1 to explosion, 1 shot down and 1 wounded (driven off).


    As evening dimmed the skies, Germans held the field. It was a costly day, hard won. They had lost a budding Ace and 2 veteran pilots to the Allies.


    Available Aeroplanes: Free choice...

    Allied Aero: 3 SPAD XIII, 1 S.E.5a... 1 S.E.5a reinforcement

    Germans: 1 Albatros D.V, 1 Fokker D.VII, 1 Fokker Dr.I... 1 Albatros D.V, 1 Fokker D.VII reinforcement

  • Western Front: A Storm In Flanders - Sept. 28

    Dateline: September 1918…  Western Front


    Clouds became key visual shields in this fight. All pilots used or struggled with these fluffy areas of blankness. Where were you going? How would you come out? At one point a crash within caused weird ghost-lighting before the inevitable plunging smoke trail.


    Tailing, an ever present hazard, found a cure in maneuvering around these giants. Frustration at times turning to surprised luck as an unsuspected enemy appears in front of one’s sights!


    Despite long seeming odds, first one German fell, then another, then 2 left in ragged staggering flight. A British FE left with wounded crew, 2 SE’s crashed pursuing one foe too closely. One continued the fight while the other limped home. The battle raged on, a Camel exploded, both Pfalz fell victim to better shooting, though one wounded the surviving SE pilot.


    As rain enshrouded the field, the Germans, low on fuel and out of ammo, left the skies to exhausted Allied fliers.


    Available Aeroplanes: Just fighters...

    Allied Aero: 2 FE 2d, 2 S.E.5a, 1 Bristol F2b, 1 Sopwith Camel

    Germans: 3 Albatros D.V, 3  Fokker Dr.I, 2 Pfalz D.III


    Katie O'Brien's Restaurant

    Sunday, September 28th... 6 players, 14 planes, 5.25 hrs. duration

  • Flanders: Huntin' the Hun - Sept. 21

    Dateline: April 1918…  Western Front


    GHQ-Aero Unit:

    The proposed bombardment of the town Niederhosenofen js considered to have been a success. Reports confirm that the German High Command was in attendance and that the Entire building they occupied was seen to be completely destroyed. Some other minor targets were hit along the rail line and inner city.


    Reports go on to confirm the extreme accuracy and effectiveness of the German Anti-Aero gunfire, accounting for all 3 of the downed machines lost during the raid. Our machines were harassed by enemy fliers, but returned home damaged yet capable of further duty. Special note is taken of the continuing service of Lt. “Fiji” Ceasteph, who provided accurate information for this mission and was picked up during the raid in an accompanying mission.


    Berilnner Tagblat:

    What has happened in Flanders? OHL refuses to comment on speculation of damage to the Imperial Supreme Command during the summit conference in Niederhosenofen. What can be gleaned is that OHL did hold a meeting in that Belgian city earlier this week. It is also known that there was an Entente bombing mission that damaged several important buildings within Niederhosenofen at this time.


    Our diligent combat pilots attacked and severely damaged the bombing force over this city. Aided by our ground anti-aerial units, several burning machines were seen to plummet from the sky, shedding their hapless crew. It is hard to report that four of our heroes fell in defending our commanders.


    Available Aeroplanes: Free choice except no Snipe or Siemens this time.

    Allied Aero: 1 S.E.5a, 1 Caproni Ca.III, 2 DH.4, 2 FE.2d, 1 BE.2d

    Germans: 2 Albatros D.V, 4 Fokker D.VII, 3 Fokker Dr.I


    Lucky Labrador Brewing Co

    Sunday, September 21st... 8 players, 16 planes, 5 hrs. duration

  • Come as you Are - Oct. 26

    Dateline: Novenber 1918…  New Enemies New Friends


    1st Sortie. 3 American fliers feinted against 3 Germans but then turned on a British Bristol and SE 5. This frantic row tumbled all over the sky weaving in and out of the impeding clouds. Meanwhile 1 of the Amis took on the Germans, shooting one down almost instantly. One German, a Spartascist no doubt, suddenly turned on its brother and shot him down after

    a grueling exchange!


    First one Brit, then a German machine flew off heavily damaged. An Ami SPAD blew up and another caught fire. Soon all the machines, wounded pilots and fire damaged, left the field,

    too torn up to continue.


    2nd Sortie. An Ami took on all enemy fliers. 1 British machine taunted him but then was occupied by 2 Germans. Again the clouds proved distracting impediments as planes dodged into or through their cloaking depths. More than one pilot fell victim to sudden unexpected attack from within these blinds!


    The lone Ami SPAD retired, too shot up and wounded to persist, a German came to grief in a collision, falling free of his wingless machine. The remaining SE took on a D.VII in a duel that came close to destroying both machines, trails of smoke were seen twice before the failing light made them separate.


    Available Aeroplanes: Free choice...  etc.

    American, 3 SPAD XIII

    British, 1 Bristol FB.2, 1 SE 5a

    German, 2 Albatros D.Va

    Spartacist, 1 Fokker D.VII


    Lucky Labrador Brewing Co.  915 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR 97214

    Sunday, October 26th, 5 players, 11 planes, 2hour & 1.5 hour sortie duration

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