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  • Occasionally Asked Questions

    about BattleTree Designs

    • Who are you?

      L. Jeffrey Lanners


      An accomplished illustrator, military historian, rapscallion, and lifelong gamer, Jeffrey started playing Wings of Glory (then Wings of War) the day it appeared at the greatly missed Bridgetown Games in Portland, Oregon. When miniatures and altitude became a part of the game, he and his weekend gaming group (now called the Couch Pilots) ran low on pegs all the time. Also, marking them so that you could tell how many there were without leaning across the board knocking things over was a pain. The completely sane solution: to commission his own. These were sold locally, mostly at games, until...


      Alida Meerschaert


      The mastermind behind the immersive online WW1 village of Bigglesdaal (also greatly missed, though a new incarnation is...irrelevant here, moving on...), Alida also managed administrative projects for Jeffrey's illustration work. Flying a few Sunday games was inevitable, really. For reasons she no longer recalls, she insisted he offer the pegs online. It kind of got away from her after that.

    • Will you make Bomber pegs?

      Maybe? There currently doesn't seem to be a shortage of the original Ares bomber pegs, and most people only fly a few bombers at a time. It would be cool, but we're not working on it right now. Drop us a note if you want them, though...we're keeping track of the interest level.

    • Why don't you offer [x] on Ebay?

      eBay has been great for us, but with their fees we would literally lose money on some products. When we can use them without raising the price, we do.

    • What's a Battle Tree?

      I'm going to have to get this story from Jeffrey, but the logo is based on one he designed for Ali's WW1 simulation Bigglesdaal. It's supposed to represent that we don't take sides - history belongs to everybody.

    • What are the shipping charges?

      Most products ship free in the U.S. and with an excellent flat rate worldwide. Anything requiring an additional shipping fee will have it in the product description.

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